Granulated sugar is probably what comes to mind when you think sugar. It is typically white, and fairly sand-like in texture.  This sugar is popular for baking. Back in the day, cubes were popular for morning coffee and are still used in authentic Irish coffees.  The source of table sugar is either cane or beet derived.  However, though it starts from something natural, white sugar is highly refined and consumption of highly refined table sugar is not to be encouraged.

There are many books and published articles that claim refined sugar is highly addicting.  People who have gone on diets or cleanses where they cut refined sugar out of their diet report increased energy, better sleep wake cycles and overall increased happiness among other things.  Here are a handful of reasons to avoid refined sugar of any sort:

  • Some claim sugar is single-handedly the reason for our current obesity epidemic

  • Sugar feeds bad yeast in the body

  • There are no vitamins or minerals in refined sugar- empty calories

  • Sugar is addictive

  • Some link sugar to a leading cause of cancer

  • Processed sugars have a high glycemic impact

  • pH imbalance is a side effect to sugar consumption- wreaking havoc on your insides/immune system and depleting your vitamin/mineral stores

  • In the final step of the refining process, some cane sugar facilities use bone char (activated charcoal from animal sources)

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White table sugar isn’t the only type of refined sugar to avoid. Powdered sugar is just pulverized white sugar that includes cornstarch for anti-caking.  Brown sugar is white sugar with molasses.  But not all sugar is created equally: natural sugars from fruits and plants aren’t toxic to our bodies and are arguably processed differently. Some people even believe that humans can live entirely off of fruit (fruitarians)- breaking barriers that all sugar is bad in a very extreme way.

          In closing: avoid processed sugar if you can but most importantly- listen to your body. Ask yourself objectively how you feel after ingesting something that contains refined sugars vs. eating a piece of frui
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