I have a confession to make- I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Growth? Essential. Challenge? Inevitable. The impulse to change and better ourselves? Motivational. But perfection? That’s where things get a bit interesting.

You see, I live and work in an industry of health, wellness, and transformation. For years I’ve been on a personal journey of discovery, healing, and learning. I’ve changed my entire lifestyle, traveled the world, learned from inspiring and incredible people, and found a career I love and believe in.

But there’s a little dark side to this life. A moment where the oh-so-happy-shiny-health promise falls a little flat. And it has to do with being “perfect.”

What I’ve found, as I’ve ventured deeper and deeper into this realm of wellness, is that expectation can be a dangerous thing. I love my daily green juices, my vegan diet, my yoga practice and fitness routines, my meditation time. But what I’ve learned, over and over again, is that imperfection is beauty. Authenticity is the path to real happiness.

Am I a bad person if I eat a cookie? Sleep in late and miss my workout? Have coffee instead of green juice? The more I demand perfection of myself, adherence to my self-imposed rules, the more miserable I become. Only when I can let go, release impossible demands, and accept my humanness… there I find true peace.

It’s so easy in an industry all about health foods, cleansing, fitness, and holistic wellbeing to become overwhelmed. Where does it end? When will I be healthy enough? Peaceful enough? Happy enough? The expectations we set for ourselves, and our ability or inability to meet them, become the determining factors of our happiness.

But I have a little secret for you. That yoga teacher who also seems so zen? I’ve seen her angrily yelling at her co-teacher. The workshop leader who inspires hundreds on stage with his incredible energy? I’ve seen him afterwards, completely burned out and exhausted. That health coach with the glowing skin and perfect smile? I’ve had chats over coffee with her, secretly confessing our sugary indulgences. No one is perfect. And that’s an incredibly empowering thing to understand. We are all on our own journeys, and the more we learn to love and accept ourselves, exactly where we are, each and every day, the more progress we make towards living the lives that truly fill our hearts.

I’ve come to understand that I have all the tools and knowledge to empower myself to live an amazingly healthy and vibrant life. I know how to care for my body, how to cleanse when I need it, how to exercise depending on what my body needs each day. I focus less on comparing myself to others and more on loving who I am. This weekend I enjoyed some Halloween treats, skipped my morning yoga to spend time with family, and went out for a drink to celebrate a dear friends birthday. Was it a perfect “healthy” weekend? Yes. In every way that truly matters.

Perfection? I’ll take being real any day.


Cassandra is a health and wellness enthusiast with a passion for helping people live more inspired, vibrant lives. She believes in green juice, fresh air, yoga, and finding a life with purpose.  As Director of Operations at JuiceRx, she brings creative spark and deeper understanding to the business of helping people live the healthiest lives possible.


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