JuiceRx Success Story

Extra, Extra! Man loses over 100 lbs on a 163 day JuiceRx Cleanse


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Step aside Jared, there’s a new man in town. Chicago native, (and father of our JuiceRx founder) Dean Kasal Sr., dropped pounds and inches faster than he could count while curing himself of chronic illness. What’s his secret? Fitness boot camp? Personal chef? Surgery? Nope, just juice.

Since his days as a college baseball player, Kasal battled steady weight gain for years – topping the scale at 330 lbs. He’s had small successes in the past with various diet programs but none gave him the rapid, long-lasting results he hoped for. Chronic knee pain left him with limited mobility so exercise was difficult at best.

A self-proclaimed buffet junkie, Kasal was far from being your typical green-drink kind of guy. But when his son, Dean Kasal Jr., founder of JuiceRx, bet him he couldn’t stick out a six day juice detox, Kasal’s competitive nature took over and he couldn’t back down from the challenge.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of a detox or juice cleanse, these terms refer to a diet that consists only of freshly made juice. You heard me: no solid food. For a hamburger loving heavy-hitter like Kasal this would be no small feat.

Father and son started the bet small: if Kasal could complete a six day juice cleanse his son would treat him to a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant. “The first six days flew by,” Kasal says, “It was like taking candy from a baby.” He experienced no negative side effects from the cleanse and he was surprised to find that he didn’t miss eating. On day six, Kasal’s son decided to up the ante: if Kasal could continue the detox for thirty days he would treat his dad to an Alaskan cruise. It was on!

Kasal went in for his annual physical just three weeks into the cleanse and his results were astounding. He had lost twenty pounds, his blood pressure had dropped from 140/92 to 115/65 and his cholesterol had reached healthy levels; after taking prescription medicine for high blood pressure and cholesterol for 15 years, the cleansing effects of the juice made it possible for him quit both medications cold turkey. These dramatic results were enough to inspire him to continue the detox even after winning the cruise.

Kasal completed a whopping 160 days on the cleanse and lost a jaw-dropping 100 pounds with no exercise. He cured his major health problems and because of the weight loss he is now able to walk pain-free.

It might be hard to imagine going without solid food for so long but Kasal claims it was a piece of cake. “I felt satisfied and full from the drinks,” Kasal Says “Because of the variety of flavor options that JuiceRx has, I never got bored.” And from a dietary standpoint he met all of his daily nutritional requirements from the fruit, vegetable and nut-based drinks. Kasal says, “My favorite drink is the Strawberries & Cream Cashew Milk because it tastes like a thick rich milkshake.”

In November of 2012 Kasal Jr. made good on his promise and took his mother and father on a cruise to celebrate Kasal Sr.’s incredible success. Kasal Sr. says he feels like he hit the lottery with all of his winnings: a steak dinner, a free cruise and, most importantly, his health.