Meet The Founder

Dean Kasal - Founder of JuiceRx

dean2Dean has always been fascinated with health and wellness, but he didn’t realize just how important it was until shortly after graduating from college. While attending the University of Illinois’ highly esteemed College of Business, the stress and less-than-optimal diet began to affect his health. While he never regarded his diet as “bad”, the consumption of highly processed and non-living foods were silently taking their toll. Within 2 years of starting his career in Finance, a health monstrosity reared its ugly head – Dean was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For this, traditional medicine knows no cause, and it knows no cure. The recommended treatment for this disease required a lifelong regimen of pills. For a short time, Dean opted for the pills, assuming it was the only solution. After less than a year of popping prescription pills that promised to keep the disease at bay, blood tests revealed elevated liver enzyme levels indicating liver damage was occurring. As it turns out, this damage was caused by the very pills that were intended to restore health. For someone as young (and otherwise healthy) as Dean, it was a devastating experience. Despite Dean’s discouraging experience with Western medicine’s failed approach, he was determined to find a way to heal.  In 2009, in an attempt to find a natural and holistic way of healing, Dean began juicing and experimenting with raw foods. Less than a year later, he found himself completely cured of a disease that modern medicine calls incurable. Thanks to a diet that largely consisted of organic, fresh-pressed, raw juices, he was able to not only completely heal from the disease, but his physical and mental strengths soared. To this day,juicing remains an essential part of Dean’s daily diet. Inspired by his personal health transformation, Dean decided to leave his corporate job to help people iceRx full time as to retire from corporate life at the ripe old age of 29 to pursue his real passion – helping others transform their minds and bodies.

When Dean isn’t juicing, he enjoys reading, traveling, being active outdoors and spending time with family and friends.