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Anti Inflammatory

Chronic inflammation may be the common factor in many diseases. take a preventative step by ingesting some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients—in one bottle.

$6.50Subscription Available

Apple Juice

Our Apple Juice is made of Fuji Apple*, Ceylon Cinnamon*. (*Organic)

$7.50Subscription Available

Apple Rings

Our Apple Rings are made from freshly cut Fuji apples and lightly coated with virgin coconut ...

$8.00Subscription Available

Brain Boost

The tastiest way to full brain capacity.

$11.00Subscription Available


Purified Water, Kava*, Valerian Root*, Pineapple*, Lemon*, Lavender*. (*organic)

$6.50Subscription Available

Carrot Juice

Carrots are an excellent source of antioxidant compounds and the richest vegetable source of ...


Celery Juice

Celery juice: if you haven't heard, it's teeming with anti-inflammatory properties and ...

$10.00Subscription Available

Cheesy Jalapeno

One of our most popular flavors (though people have strong views about their favorite Chicago Kale flavors), we combine a zesty blend of raw cashews, red peppers and fiery spices to create a irresistibly delicious South-of-the-border kale chip. You won't believe it isn't real cheese, and that you're basically eating a fully portioned kale salad, only without the need of a fork.

$8.00Subscription Available

Chocolate Almond Milk

Our Chocolate Almond Milk is made of Purified Water, Sprouted (Activated) Almonds*, Thai

$10.50Subscription Available


Refreshing coconut water balances electrolytes and immediately re-hydrates after even the most rigorous workout. Mocha protein powder gives your body fuel to build muscle.

$10.50Subscription Available

Coconut Umami

The fifth basic taste--alongside sweet, sour, salty, and bitter--is named umami, meaning "savoriness" in Japanese. We combine fresh coconut with a unique flavor profile of umami to create a slightly sweet and salty smoky flavor that both intrigues and pleases. Light and airy, you won't be able to just eat just 1. Fortunately, each container offers a full salad's serving of kale with the added bonus of superfoods.

$8.00Subscription Available

Coffee Almond

Start your day the right way, with an agreeable blend of housemade almond milk, cold-brewed coffee and coconut butter. We also add a healthy dose of red maca for an additional boost of energy.

$10.50Subscription Available

Creamy Dill

We combine a full serving's worth of kale with fresh lemon, dill and cashews to create an irresistibly delicious chip. A gently tangy dressing using apple cider vinegar and lemon, combined with the fresh taste of dill, inspires a palate that appreciates the finer flavors in life.

$8.00Subscription Available

Cucumber Mint

Our Cucumber Mint juice is made of Cucumber*, Green Apple*, Celery*, Lime*, Mint*. (*?

$10.50Subscription Available

Custom Cleanse

Choose 6 JuiceRx beverages to create your own custom cleanse.

$70.00Subscription Available
Additional variations are available.


Our Detox elixir is made with purified water, lemon*, apple cider vinegar*, ginger*, stabilized oxygen, ginseng*, raw honey*, ceylon cinnamon*. (*organic)

$6.50Subscription Available


$6.50Subscription Available

Electric Lemonade

Purified Water, Pineapple, Green Apple*, Lemon*, Blueberry*, Szechuan Button*. (*Organic)

$10.00Subscription Available

Evening Green

Our Evening Green juice is made of Cucumber*, Pear*, Celery*, Green Apple*, Cilantro*?

$11.00Subscription Available

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