Beware- this shot is not for the faint of heart! You heard me- we’re taking shots. And this baby burns all the way down. 

Let me back up for a moment. In our quest to discover the healthiest foods on the planet, we’ve tested and tried super foods from all over the world. From mushrooms grown in timeless hidden forests to exotic berries to green things you might question us for eating, we’ve searched for the real, whole foods that create vibrant health and healing in the body.  Yet two of the most powerful ingredients we’ve discovered are probably in your kitchen right now: lemon and ginger. 

Have a cold? Feeling congested? Allergies got your head in a fog? I used to feel the same way. Then I discovered something marvelous… if I put a whole lemon and chunk of ginger through my juicer, sprinkled with spicy cayenne pepper, and downed it… Bam! Sinuses cleared in a fiery rush. There’s nothing like this magical little combo to boost your immune system, wake up your senses, and give your body a real edge against any unwelcome symptoms.   It’s simply the best food for surviving winter.

Did you know lemon has been used to treat everything from indigestion to fever to respiratory disorders and dental problems? And that ginger contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds and improves the absorption of essential nutrients in the body? 
Here’s a few more remarkable benefits: IMG_0905
Ginger   Relieves aching muscles and joint pain
              Eases nausea
              Clears the microcirculatory channels of the body
              Maintains normal blood circulation
Lemon  Restores balance to the body’s ph
              Stimulates and detoxifies the liver
              Increases peristalsis, promoting  regularity in the bowels 
              Boosts the immune system and reduces stress with a dose of vitamin C

We took my experimental mix and added wildflower honey, acerola berry, oil of oregano, and stabilized oxygen for an unbeatable, superfood-infused, body-boosting combo. Honestly, this potent elixir is our secret to combating the flu or any illness. And with cold weather coming, who couldn’t use a little rescuing? 

Bottoms up! 

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