Why JuiceRx

When looking for a juice cleanse, we know you want one that works and tastes good.  Sure, we’ve spent a decade researching, studying and learning about the dramatically positive impact that a plant based diet has on health. But our cleanses, raw foods, and elixirs aren’t built on an idea. They’re built on experience.

Having experienced the amazing healing power of a fruit and vegetable cleanse, we realized this life-changing knowledge should be available to everyone. So we teamed with top health experts and chefs to create delicious fruit and vegetable cleanses for detoxing and healing! Of course, they had to be 100% cold-pressed, made to order, vegan, and made with unparalleled passion using the very best ingredients. The results have been nothing short of incredible.

These cleanses, raw foods and elixirs aren’t about fad, or fashion. They’re about high quality nutrition that encourages healing and youthful vigor to improve quality of life today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Unlike many cleanses and health foods, our flavors delight even the pickiest palate.

JuiceRx Cleanse Coconut Water
When it comes to your health, we don’t hold back. That’s why we use what’s been called the ‘Ferrari’ of all juicers. Yes, it’s pretty incredible. This juicer applies 5,000 pounds of pressure to fresh fruits and vegetables to extract (‘cold-press’ in industry lingo) their juices. This means you get the maximum vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients in every serving. In fact, our unique hydraulic press delivers 3 to 5 times more nutrition than any other juicing technique, with over 50 lbs of fruits and vegetable nutrients delivered in a  typical 3 day cleanse! (Imagine trying to eat that many fruits and veggies in three days.) And it’s a juice so fine, pulp-free and smooth that your body is able to absorb it in less than 15 minutes.

That’s right, we created a juice cleanse with benefits which begin almost immediately after your first sip. And the results after a 3, 5 or 6 day cleanse…well, once you feel the energy you’d thought you’d lost and see the transformation in the mirror, you’ll know you’re on the right path.

You can take it from us, nothing beats great health. We hope you’ll join us on the quest to reclaim the healthy-living which is your right.